Thorens Reference


Thorens je poznati prozvođač audio opreme ali je u Ex Jugoslaviji, prije svega, bio cijenjen kao proizvođač odličnih gramofona. Ovo čudovište od 90 kg je eksperiment Thorensa, nastao 1978/1979. godine , u kojem su primjenili svo svoje znanje i iskustvo, bez ograničenja troškova . Proizvedeno je svega 100 primjeraka i svi su prodati po cijeni od 18.000 DEM. Njegove karakteristike su impresivne:

Thorens ReferenceThorens Reference 2


THORENS belt drive

three phase motor with clutch pulley

electronic motor regulation

three speeds: 33 -1/3, 45 and 78 rpm

pitch control ± 6%

illuminated stroboscope at the outer turntable rim

heavy basic chassis and heavy floating chassis, both aluminum castings. The specially calculated chambers in the floating chassis are filled with grained iron for optimum damping

vibration and shock-proof 4-point suspension with gold-plated housings. Each suspension point is individually adjustable

bubble level

the resonance of the floating chassis can be adjusted (1-5 Hz) for exact matching with the tone arm and cartridge combination

specially damped turntable platter of 6.6 kg weight and 30.3 cm diameter

new and expensive main bearing construction for the world’s best rumble figure. The high precision ground steel shaft rotates in oil bathed hard material bearings

record stabilizer, gold-plated

3-tone arm platforms of various sizes

2 electric motor lifts (optional)

gold-plated control boards, mounted on the main chassis

large dust cover

Wow and flutter according to DIN 45507: < 0.02% rumble un-weighted, measured with Rumpelmesskoppler* according to DIN A, better than 82 dB

weight: approx. 90 kgs

dimensions: 620x360x510 mm

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